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1. What is the difference between the nominal price and issue price of the share?

The nominal price of the shares is the value specified in the articles of association. It specifies the unit share in the company's total share capital.

The issue price is the value determined each time by the board of directors of the company during the issue. It determines the price at which the shares are sold. The difference between the nominal price and the issue price goes to the so-called company's supplementary capital. It will be used to invest in current operations, product development, marketing or other activities.

Post-money company’s valuation depends directly on issue price, the number of shares issued and the initial share capital.

2. When I will receive share certificates?

After the issue completion and the company capital increase registration in the KRS (National Court Register) the shipment of share certificates as well as physical prizes will take place. Please note that it might take from 3 to 6 months due to the long waiting time for the entry in the register. We are not able to speed up this process.

Tokens will be assigned earlier. Account registration and its full verification within 30 days of issue completion or start of the exchange is required to receive tokens. After this time, tokens will be added to the exchange balance within next 30 days.

3. Do I have to pay tax?

The purchase of the new shares issue does not require tax payment (including PCC). The tax should be paid only in case of sale or dividends.

4. Are there any obligations associated with having shares?

Holding shares does not involve any obligations - the shareholders are not responsible for the company's activities. Once a year, you will receive an invitation to the General Meeting of Shareholders.

5. What is the risk of investment in shares?

Each investment involves risks. You can read more about it at the following link: